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15 Unique Business Ideas for Small Towns – Small Town Business Opportunities

Starting a business in a small town is a profitable option nowadays and selecting unique business ideas for small towns is an art and needs the expertise to be successful in this business world.

HitBusinessIdeas.com has discussed 15 unique business ideas that you can use for your startup business in small towns and earn good profits.

MSMEs play a very important role in the development of microeconomics in the country. This type of business is very close to the community and has a positive contribution to creating new jobs.

As you can’t start big industries to target small towns but you can go for MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) to grow and prosper.

Various products produced from the types of MSMEs have even been exported abroad. The government is also currently working hard to create assistance programs for MSMEs, especially during times of pandemic.

Unique Business Ideas for Small Towns

Here are the profitable and unique business ideas for small towns: 

1. Clothing Boutique

Clothing as one of the necessities of human clothing is very important not only to protect oneself from going out but also to become a fashion or trend. Especially for women, how to make clothes as a lifestyle and like to collect clothes

You can do boutique or clothing stores in urban areas. Actually, the clothing business can also be done anywhere, even without capital, even by relying on a drop-ship or reseller system.

But it would be better to open your own shop in a strategic area and then sell various types of clothing favored by certain consumer segments (for example, for adult women, especially for batik, Muslim clothing, children, etc.)

2. Restaurant Dining

The name of the need for food is one of the basic or primary human needs. Although basically, humans can meet their own food needs by cooking in the kitchen, in fact, humans now have busy working hours, so they don’t have time to prepare meals anymore.

The food restaurant business remains prospective. The thing that you need to pay attention to is to maintain food quality, hygiene, and taste and don’t hesitate to innovate. Especially at this time, the trend of organic food or healthy food is booming.

3. Place of tutoring

The need for education, especially for children, is one of the investments that parents must make. Especially during the pandemic, conventional schools have started to switch to using online

If you have sufficient capital, you can build a medium-sized business that provides tutoring services. You can recruit newly graduated teaching staff with several teacher education backgrounds.

4. Service Workshop

Various electronic or automotive products have limited use times. Its components are easily damaged and must be serviced regularly. This is where a business opportunity arises where you can open a workshop or special service place for a product commodity

For example, you open a car or motorcycle repair shop, on the side of the road and employ reliable technicians. Or you open a cellphone service to repair damage such as LCD, battery, IC, and others.

5. Fruit and Vegetable Shop

In addition to opening food restaurants for primary needs, humans also need the intake of vegetables and fruits for their vitamin and fiber needs. This is to balance the nutritional adequacy rate every day

You can open a fruit shop or vegetable shop, become a collector for farmers. This or it could be a farmer who simultaneously opens a shop that sells his products directly to consumers.

SMEs can use hydroponic or conventional techniques, and apply an organic farming system, which of course the products will be much more expensive and profitable.

6. Technology Startups

Technology companies that used to be start-ups, for example, TokoPedia, BukaLapak, GoJek, and others, started with creative ideas from young people then developed their businesses to become what they are now

All you need to do is identify the problems around you and then find a solution by creating or establishing a technology-based startup. This is what can be used as a business opportunity at this time, especially for those of you who have an information technology education background

7. Cafe or Coffee Shop

Currently, the business of setting up a cafe as well as a coffee shop is mushrooming in the city. Maybe you can try to set up this millennial-style hangout. Optimize SOPs for how to serve customers and improve your skills in the culinary world to cook and mix unique and delicious drinks

With experience working in a cafe or coffee shop, you can set up your own business. The point is, don’t be stuck with a general concept, create your anti-mainstream cafe concept, win the hearts of your customers with maximum service. 

8. Event Organizer

Another type of UKM that is also suitable for you to work on is event organizer services. Every month, there will be certain events or events in your area, such as weddings, birthdays, music events such as concerts and competitions. This will be a promising source of income for

Starting an event organizer business, you will get a lot of experience in team working, event organizing and you can even improve your communication skills.

9. Equipment in the field of health

Just like other trending businesses, you can sell products such as masks, herbal medicines, food, and others. Medical devices, for example, hitbusnessideas friends, can sell small-scale thermometers, medicine containers, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and other medical devices that function for personal and family protection.

If you have sufficient capital and network, you can start a medium-sized business to procure various medical equipment supplies for hospitals, company offices, shops, clinics, and other public places that really need health facilities, especially during a pandemic. You can run this business at home only with an online system.

10. Grocery Store

Selling necessities or what is commonly called a grocery store is one of the best-selling products on the market today. These staple goods target the daily food needs of the Small Townspeople, such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, wheat flour, and other food needs.

Friends of North Sumatra SMEs can take advantage of these business opportunities, for example by opening a small shop in front of the house first but selling necessities in full at competitive prices. If it is practiced and managed properly, it will not die because this business provides food for the people every day.

11. Electronic Goods Store

Electronic goods are one of the needs of millennial society today, including Small Townspeople who can be said to be consumptive. Electronic goods are one of the best selling products on the market. Many like to swap old electronics for new and sophisticated ones

Electronic products always issue the latest features regularly, for example, smartphones, televisions, cameras, game consoles, computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and others.

For hitbusnessideas friends who want to open a business selling electronic products, you can start by opening an online store first, because the capital is less. Or you can immediately open a small offline store and combine it with selling online by becoming a pelapak in one of the marketplaces in Small Towns.

Why should selling electronics be accompanied online? Because of using the current trend of Small Towns, people tend to shop for electronic goods online, so you must be literate with various online marketing techniques such as advertising, copywriting, and SEO. 

12. Selling Beauty Products

Beauty is the most vulnerable area to be targeted for commercialization, especially for women. Indeed, beauty products are intended for women. The beauty business is very perspective because women as the main consumers tend to spend excessively just to look beautiful

There are many beauty products, for examples, such as skin whitening creams, slimming drugs, acne soaps, herbal shampoos, and types of herbal medicines that function to maintain beauty. Opening a Small or Medium Business in the field of beauty must also be accompanied by customer testimonials so that your products are trusted by new buyers.

13. Utilization of Waste

Garbage is a major problem in urban areas. The high volume of waste produced by the community today makes the government overwhelmed to manage it. Moreover, the habit of people who like to litter, the environment is getting worse

By opening a waste utilization business, apart from being profitable, SMMU friends can also contribute to saving the environment. The waste management business is very broad in scope.

For example, you use plastic waste to be reprocessed into plastic flakes, which are then collected and sold again to factories to be processed into recycled plastic products. Or use waste manure to make manure, use oil palm shell waste for briquettes, and much more.

14. Used / PreLoved Goods

The high consumption of millennial people nowadays makes them consumptive people, and like to shop for new things. As a result, old things become unused and neglected

Even though many of our other siblings also need these items but cannot afford them. That’s why you can open a business selling used, second preloved goods.

There are lots of items that you can resell, such as clothes, children’s toys, household furniture, electronic products such as smartphones, laptops, computers, helmets, motorbikes, and homes.

15. Simple Processing Plant

Our public perception is that if we are asked to build a factory, it will definitely require a large amount of capital. Even though you can set up a factory using only simple tools, with only one or two employees.

For example, you can set up a cracker or skin cracker processing factory, tofu or tempeh factory, dodol factory, traditional ice cream factory, jackfruit chip factory, birdcage manufacturing factory, and others that are much needed by the people around you. It is also important for waste management, don’t just dump waste into the river or outside the factory carelessly. 

Closing remarks

Small and Medium Enterprises are one of the pillars of Micro Economy in Small Towns. Its existence is very important to create jobs and improve the standard of living of the Small Townspeople at large.

Therefore, we as consumers must also participate in using products from local SMEs so that they can support them to survive in the market. That’s the material from hitbusnessideas this time, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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