What Business Can I Start With 1 Million Dollars

What Business Can I Start With 1 Million Dollars – 1 Million Dollar Business Ideas

Wanting to be an entrepreneur does have to cost money, but it doesn’t have to be a lot. It doesn’t have to be hundreds of millions if you can manage it properly and correctly. If you already have a 1 million capital business desire, you can see some of the options below that are possible to implement. Therefore, listen carefully and prepare the capital so that the business can run.

You have to look at the type of business carefully, both from the right strategy and management. You can also spend a little capital but can accumulate profits from there. And vice versa, with a bad strategy, hundreds of millions of capital could be lost due to improper handling. An overview of business opportunities can be one of the things that becomes a business benchmark.

1 Million Capital Business that Can Be Run Successfully


Cleanliness is the most important thing in all aspects, including cleaning the vehicle. It may be trivial, but both from appearance to health will be polluted if you don’t wash your vehicle. This is what usually makes people choose to wash their vehicles.

The business of washing vehicles is one of the businesses that can be run with a capital of only 1 million. This one business does not need to spend a lot of money because it is easy to run for limited land. The first point, if the garage feels like it can be used, why not. Make sure you have all the equipment and it can be bought for under 1 million.

You can also start spending capital for vehicle washing tools. Some of them are like a steam device, then there is a compressor, then for a bucket, there is a rag, then foam, to shampoo ingredients commonly used for vehicles. However, if you can’t use it, you can rent land the size of a car.

Many shops and e-commerce are currently selling compressor packages, with all the soap tubes and steam tools. You can get it for under 5 million per unit. One thing that should not be forgotten is offering the car wash service to neighbours, relatives and closest friends.

If you are smart in marketing it and have started to make a profit, you can apply a discount every month or week so that more customers want to wash their vehicles at your place.


Similar to the business of washing vehicles, many people are aware that the time and work of washing clothes can be thrown into the laundry. This laundry business is also one that does not need to spend expensive capital. You can build this one business with a capital cost of 1 million.

You can also just open this one business at home, you don’t have to rent a shop house. However, if you want to open a shop house, you can also choose a place that is densely populated. Some of the equipment that must be prepared for capital is a washing machine, then there is detergent, ironing equipment to ironing boards.

Starting from washing machines, you can get them with prices ranging from 1 to 4 million, depending on your needs. Make sure to buy a washing machine that is durable because it is a long-term investment. Don’t forget to promote and offer kilo clothes washing services so that they are more known and crowded.

You also have to set a price that is in accordance with the market, such as washing carpets, sheets to blankets and other extra needs. You can set prices more than clothes for some of these household appliances.


The proliferation of coffee among millennial is now very influential in the business world. If you have a capital of 1 million, the possibility of starting a coffee business is open. Coffee shops are indeed one of the businesses that are not as complicated as other culinary businesses.

You also don’t have to have very qualified cooking skills when running it. The choices of coffee that are presented can also vary, you can accommodate them according to the concept you want to build.

There are also not many choices of coffee side dishes that are sold. Some of them are instant noodles to fried banana snacks or just toast. Other drink choices can also usually be made with easy preparations, from syrup to soda which are easy to find and formulated according to your concept.

The Coffee Shop itself is known to be one of the hangout places for young people. Of course, the price set at your coffee shop is better to tie or cheap according to the student’s pocket. As long as you set a cheap price and a strategic location, your business will also grow and continue to be visited by people who are just resting or meeting friends.

When you really want to open a coffee shop, you can pay for a place and a table or chair as a complement. For coffee to snacks, you can look for suppliers of market snacks at affordable prices. One of the 1 million capital ventures which is quite interesting, right?


Meatballs are one of the foods that many people like. It’s rare that people don’t like meatballs, it’s just a matter of how you get this delicious round meat concoction. Starting from the young to the old like this one food. That’s why meatballs are one of the food opportunities that can be made as a business.

This food has many fans. From the young to the old, everyone loves to eat meatballs. That’s why selling meatballs is a business opportunity with only 1 million in capital. Another option that you might want to try is to open a meatball business at home by placing a cart there.

If you have a chicken noodle concoction, this can be a menu after the meatballs you make at the stall. This is because the tools for selling chicken noodles are the same as meatballs and you don’t have to buy them again.

Don’t forget, the taste of the meatballs that you will sell is suitable for the tongues of those around you. Previously you might be able to choose a recipe that roughly has the strongest taste. Don’t forget, you can ask for criticism about the chicken noodles or meatballs that you make so that they are more advanced and many people buy them.


Not only coffee shops or selling meatballs, you can choose a franchise business that is currently being sold. Starting from coffee franchises, cheese tea, to block cakes, contemporary toast can be an option. Usually franchises for snacks are priced below 1 million.

The choice of this franchise business is also proven to have had previous customers because of the famous name used. You no longer need to do a marketing process that is too tight even though you still have to, this is because the franchise name is already known and tasted by many people but is in a different location.

Usually, franchises present at the same time the ingredients for how many servings and selling equipment such as blenders, stove boards and several other equipment needed when selling. You can also apply discount options when selling this one franchise business. Because you already have a name and are given a discount, you can get the benefits of crowded visitors as well as promotions.


Are you good at making food? Or do you have people around who cook well? If you are thinking of doing business about food, catering can be the right answer for a 1 million capital business. You can think of a healthy food menu or a diet menu that is currently much favoured by office workers to college students who are wandering.

You can also present several menus ranging from regular, diet to healthy. In order not to get bored, make sure you make a different menu every day. To bring capital, you can buy groceries according to the order. So you will not throw vegetables or fruit in the kitchen. Even cooking utensils will not spend so much money or swell.

Do not forget the tenacity. Diligent, willing to be criticized and consistent with various things about the food you present. You can also accept food criticism from colleagues, friends, and family to close relatives. Ask for the right advice for your catering cuisine.


When you have great cooking skills and have a business intention, there are many options that you can try for a business. You can open a food stall and prepare tables and chairs for buyers. You have to prepare the dishes to be sold. Home cooking will be suitable for sale to immigrants who miss cooking at home.

Don’t forget, you prepare tables and chairs for the visitors who come to your stall. The capital required will not be more than 1 million. You can rent a small shop house for this one business, or you can even open a shop in front of your house so you can save money for your dining area.

For the choice of food stalls, you can also take advantage of the trend among the community. You can also display the menu on the online motorcycle taxi menu, which is liked by many people. This makes sales easier, more practical, and cheaper and can bring a lot of back capital.

Not only a choice of food stalls, you can also sell fruit juice. This fruit juice is a source of vitamins from fruit for the body in the form of a delicious drink. Many people who do not like fruit but choose to drink juice instead. You can also drink fruit juice every day to meet the needs of this fruit.

For juice equipment, it becomes one of the 1 million capital ventures. Therefore, you can start buying from tables, blenders, fresh fruit that can be found in the market. You can also sell food in the stall and sell juice next door. Your chances of opening this business are even more profitable for you later.


In addition to selling heavy food, in the form of various chicken or a food stall business, you can sell cakes. You don’t have to be a celebrity, you can sell cakes with a contemporary taste model. Start trying cakes with recipes that are scattered on the internet. Don’t forget to taste test in several circles, from friends to colleagues and family.

Not only can you sell pastries, you can also sell wet cakes because they are one of the most sought after. Not only via online, can you also peddle them through market snack sellers. Usually, wet cakes are also sold in the morning so that they are food for the stomach. There are also many kinds of wet cakes, such as mud cakes, lapis, ebi trays, rolls, or contemporary cakes such as desert boxes.

You don’t need to spend a lot of capital up to more than 1 million. Promote to several friends and social media so that more people order. Regarding cake recipes, you can also learn from the internet so that customers don’t get bored and not menus with the same taste.


The price of photocopiers today is indeed not expensive, aka cheap. However, many people think that there is no need to buy a photocopier at home. Therefore, photocopying services are one of the things that will be profitable if you sell them. Especially if you open it in a strategic place such as a school or campus.

In locations like schools or colleges even boarding houses will benefit you because students need them for their assignments or papers. It is undeniable that this photocopying service is still very much needed. To open this one photocopying service, you don’t need to spend more than 1 million in capital. Make sure you buy the right equipment or necessities for your photocopying business.

You can also while selling stationery and others. It was unthinkable for the students to take him from the boarding house. Some items such as ballpoint pens, pencils, maps to other writing tools to support lessons. Printers can also be one of the tools you use. So, you can take advantage of photocopying and printing services in one place.


In addition to the food and photocopying business, this can be a 1 million capital venture for haircut services. First, you need to know someone who can cut hair. This is one of the most important for this one service. Then, you need to find the right location to open a barber shop.

If you want a premium haircut service shop model, you can buy some equipment such as air conditioning and a comfortable place, a waiting sofa to a comfortable sitting chair. Then the choice of equipment such as glass, chairs, and shavers, hair combs and others. The initial capital that you first spend if the total is not up to the price of 1 million.

There are several venture capital of 1 million that you can try to start a business or entrepreneur. You can also make the 10 businesses above a source of income. This choice of capital will also benefit you later. Business options from food to services above can be chosen and applied by you. Don’t forget to continue to promote your business as a good marketing technique.

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