winter business ideas in india

20 Profitable Winter Business Ideas in India for Your Startup

What business ideas can you adopt this winter in India? Entering the rainy season or winter makes people lazy to do activities outside.

However, for some people who have an entrepreneurial spirit or entrepreneur, they will take advantage of this time to do business and reap profits.

The rainy season, also known as the wet season, is one of the seasons that occurs in tropical countries such as India. The characteristic is the increase in rainfall in an area compared to a certain period in general

The rainy season often causes various disasters such as floods and landslides. This cannot be eliminated, because rain is a natural phenomenon, so one way to minimize the occurrence of disasters is to do better spatial management so that rainwater does not cause problems.

In tropical countries such as India, the rainy season alternates with the dry season or what is commonly referred to as the dry season. These two seasons are greatly influenced by the pseudo-movement of the sun on an annual basis and change the surface of the land and oceans.

winter business ideas in india

Winter Business Ideas in India

It is enough that we have discussed the rainy season, the rest we will discuss are the Rainy Season Business Opportunities that you can do in cold conditions like now? Because there are lots of people who need some services and products when the rainy season arrives. What are they? Let us see below.

Here are profitable ideas for winter business in India:

Special Service

Many vehicles were badly damaged by flooding during the rainy season. Like what happened recently to many residents in the capital. With a flood that is almost waist-high for an adult, of course, this can immerse the entire motorbike and part of the car body.

Thus, special handling of vehicles that have entered total water is needed by people who are affected by flooding in the rainy season. Of course, you must have special expertise and experience in the field of machine handling that is totally wet. 

Flood Management Consultant

In addition to special services and workshops to deal with damaged machines, another business opportunity is that you can become a flood handling consultant for property companies. Let’s just say that you currently have expertise in city governance management.

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You can open a small startup or consulting service by having property developer clients such as apartments, housing, and business centers in flood-prone areas.

Embankment Project

Project workers certainly have high prospects for working on embankments or other efforts to prevent floods when the rainy season arrives.

Handling floods before the rainy season will certainly provide business opportunities for project workers or contractors. 


Becoming a janitor in the rainy season can certainly be a business prospect that is needed by many people. You can form several teams and provide house cleaning services for those who experience a flood.

This janitor consists of several people who are in charge of cleaning the house and yard. You can promote this cleaning service online through social media or conventional word of mouth promotion.

Express Laundry

In the rainy season, people are certainly very lazy to wash their own clothes because the weather is not conducive to making clothes difficult to dry. Now this is the time for you to start a flash washing business

Laundry express uses a Dry Cleaning system, the process does not involve water so that the clothes remain relatively dry during the washing process. So you can enjoy fragrant clothes without fear of the erratic rainy season.

Sell ​​PowerBank

What is the most unpleasant experience when the rainy season arrives? Of course, it was the flood and the flash of lightning that struck. This of course forces the PLN to cut off electricity for a while to avoid a short circuit.

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When a power outage occurs, it will be very unpleasant for a person whose Smartphone battery runs out and doesn’t know what to do. This is where y..ou can sell a fully charged power bank beforehand.

Generator Rental

Actually, its function is almost the same as selling a power bank, which is to provide electricity stocks from different energy sources besides PLN.

You can buy one or several generator units then operate it and open an electricity rental in a matter of hours. Because currently people’s dependence on smartphones is very high, so there will be lots of people who wear your clothes when the rainy season arrives and the electricity goes out for a long time.

Anything related to the rainy season will make people lazy to leave the house. Including one of them to send goods to friends. Well, hitbusnessideas friends can open goods delivery services in a certain city or region. You can use a motorbike or car and just adjust the distance to the shipping costs.

Selling Warm Drinks

Everyone certainly likes something warm when the rainy season arrives. There are lots of warm drinks that you can try, such as ginger, bandrek, sekoteng, coffee, warm milk, and so on.

You can choose to sell these drinks traditionally by opening a stall or opening a modern outlet in front of Alfamart or Indomaret.

Typical Culinary Sales

If earlier we were able to sell hot drinks, it would be incomplete if we didn’t sell special foods when the rainy season arrived.

Of course, this food is very good to eat when in cold conditions such as satay, chicken noodles, meatballs, and other warm culinary delights that can keep your body temperature warm and productive.

Coat sales

People who have activities in the rainy season, of course, need equipment that can make them comfortable to carry out activities under cleaning rainwater which can interfere with activities. One tool that can help is a coat or raincoat

hitbusnessideas friends can try selling coats or raincoats online by offering them via Facebook or Instagram. In addition, make added value to your mentality by designing your own coat according to the customer’s orders so that it makes the coat more unique and specific.

Selling Umbrellas

Almost the same as a coat as a mandatory piece of equipment in the rainy season, umbrellas can also help people who continue to carry out normal activities during the rainy season. Umbrellas can minimize splashing of water when doing outdoor activities during the rainy season

You can sell various types and designs of umbrellas online via Instagram or Facebook or you can sell them by hitching a ride in the marketplace. Currently, some umbrellas have high technology such as having buttons that can immediately open and close, making them easier to use.

Selling Water Resistant Shoes and Sandals

Besides that, sandals or shoes must be used to keep the feet warm and dry when the rainy season arrives.

One of them is the choice of technology in which shoes or sandals have a waterproof material so that they do not absorb through a pool of water. Or you can also sell waterproof coatings for shoes or sandals, making it easier for people to do activities in the rainy season.

Sell ​​Insect Exterminator Tool

In the rainy season, there are so many insect populations that are increasing that people need so-called insecticides or tools that can get rid of insects effectively.

You can sell exterminator tools or insect traps to reduce the population of these animals when the rainy season arrives. Thus, you can get increased product sales in the rainy season.

Selling Herbs and Herbs

When the rainy season arrives, the body needs nutrients and something warm. Indian people are very familiar with what is called jamu or herbal medicines derived from plants such as turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and so on. hitbusnessideas friends can try to sell it in sachets online.

Doorsmer Vehicles

This is one of the cleaning services for vehicles such as motorbikes or cars that are quite a in demand and is needed in the rainy season.

Because as we know, the rainy season will result in wet and muddy roads, making vehicles more likely to get dirty. Busy people do not have time to clean their vehicles and choose to use the services of a doorsmer.

Mushroom cultivation

One of the business opportunities in the rainy season is in agriculture, namely the cultivation of mushrooms or fungi.

Many people do not know the prospects for this business because they consider mushrooms as a trivial source of food. Mushrooms can be created in various types of food and can be used as a substitute for meat for vegetarians.

Open a breakfast stall

Although opening a breakfast shop does not really affect the rainy season, most people during the rainy season experience an increase in appetite in the morning.

Busy office people cannot prepare their breakfast, so they will choose to eat at the breakfast shop which is quite delicious and according to their tastes. There are various types of breakfast that you can choose, such as nasi uduk, rice cake, Gado Gado, and so on.

Car rental

Now, when the rainy season arrives, maybe a car is needed because this is the only thing that can be used for travel bag activities without fear of getting caught in the rain.

People who don’t own a car, of course, choose car rental services for their mobility needs when the rainy season arrives so it doesn’t interfere with their daily activities.

Conventional Farming

When you choose to farm in the rainy season, it is the right choice because in the rainy season the intensity of the water drops very large and you no longer need to water the plants.

However, nowadays many people underestimate the farmer profession. Agriculture is very perspective, especially when it is done in rural areas. Choose the type of agricultural products that are needed by the market, especially by the modern market, you can easily distribute your products and get competitive prices.

Breeding Fish

In the fishery industry, raising fish conventionally in the rainy season is very supportive because the weather tends to be cooler which is by the development of fish fry.

You can choose the types of fish that are really needed by the market, such as tilapia, catfish, catfish, and so on. It is necessary to conduct a survey to the market and find out the demand for fish that will be cultivated friends so that later you can easily market it when the harvest arrives.

As for other business ideas that you can apply in the rainy season, see the listicle below:

  • Massage and relaxation services
  • Selling bandrek and sekoteng
  • Selling vehicle rain covers
  • Selling heating equipment
  • Selling fried rice, fried noodles, etc.
  • Selling cold and flu medicine
  • Mobile cigarette trade
  • House cleaning services after being flooded
  • Selling baby diapers
  • Installing First / Retail Gasoline
  • Laundry Helmets, Carpets or Blankets
  • Etc

Final Words on Winter Business Ideas in India

Winter is indeed a natural event that often occurs in tropical countries like India. These business ideas in winter will help you to start a business of your dream in India. For some people, rain is an obstacle to doing activities, but for those who have a high entrepreneurial spirit, they can still take advantage of the moment of this rainy season to continue their economic activities and gain profits.

Those are some business ideas that can be summarized, Hopefully, they can be an inspiration and motivation for friends to start a business as soon as possible. Please also press the share button below and share it with your other friends.

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